8bitflip-20168bitflip is our sister show, run in partnership with Arcade Club.
The show provides a unique real arcade experience just like you remember it from the 80’s and 90’s. This is the ultimate retro arcade experience, for seasoned veterans of the video arcade and pinball scene, and newcomers alike.
This year the show took place over the Easter weekend with over 250 video arcade cabs and pinball machines all on free play for the whole weekend. There were competitions running over the weekend with some of the UK’s top players attending 8bitflip, play is intense.
This year the show was held at Arcade Club.
Arcade Club in Bury is a retro arcade video and pinball club with a large arcade area and a quieter area with bar. The venue located at Arcade Club Ela Mill, Cork St, Bury BL9 7BW. With easy access from the M66 motorway and plenty of parking this is the perfect place to hold the show.
Watch for details of the next 8bitflip show on our Facebook page.

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