Thanks from us, to you

It’s a few weeks now since we wrapped up our last big event. There seems to be a tremendous amount of positive feedback from those that attended, and we’re also checking through the responses to our survey. (If you haven’t yet sent us your thoughts and suggestions, please consider completing our short survey)

There is of course a huge amount of work to bring an event like this together. Our most sincere thanks to…

ALL the many machine loaners, we literally could not do this without you. Your effort in preparing and generously donating machines is appreciated by thousands of people over the weekend, and we hope you share our enthusiasm that events like this introduce a new generation of people to the hobby.

Our sponsors who generously support the show with promotional prizes and items that help generate charity funding

Cliffy's Pinball Innovations



Pinball Heaven

Our tireless crew who dedicate their time, expertise, effort and more at their own expense to help us in various ways throughout the event. From machine repairs, setup/breakdown, transport and overseeing a dozen other things – your help is invaluable:
Andre ‘Onze’
Ian ‘Windoesnot’
Gary ‘Mooseman’
John ‘JMP’
Roger ‘RGV’
Simon Hook

An extra special thanks to Steve who once again raised a huge amount for our charity partner, the Teenage Cancer Trust, at his busy tombola stall. Our visitors may only see him for the weekend of the show, but the effort put in to organise for an event of this magnitude spans far beyond those two days. His team of helpers this year included: Jasmine, Nicola, Sandra, Gary, Jake, Lynn, Madison, Simon H & family and Thin

There will no doubt be others we have missed. Making a list like this always runs that risk – our sincere apologies, please get in touch

To all those that attended, joined in the fun or supported our charity fundraising efforts – a massive thank you, from all on the NLP team


Pictured left to right: Chloe, Dave, Paul, David, Mark, Simon L, Dan, Chris ‘Poibug’, Nigel.

Absent from photo: Darren and Simon W