Alien playfield revealed

There was a good degree of excitement a few days ago when Andrew Heighway announced that Fox had approved the artwork for their second pinball machine. This coincided nicely with the annual EAG show at the ExCel centre in London, giving the team there a great opportunity for some early publicity.

The final reveal today was met with great enthusiasm.


Aurich Lawson, the artist behind much of the look of this new machine, also talked about some of the gameplay

“There are 3 branches, all laid out with the motion tracker layout. We’re going to use the RGB LEDs to do a blue “pulse” through the inserts to simulate the tracking, maybe just for the attract mode or something, should be cool looking.”

“Each branch has 4 modes or multiballs, and then a wizard mode. You pick your film to start the game, and then you need to finish the 4 modes for that film (just start them, not complete) and the wizard mode before you can move on to the other film.”

Heighway Pinball are the UK’s first major pinball machine manufacturer. Their Alien pinball machine is expected to be released later in 2016.

click the image to see a hi-res version.