Lights Out Frenzy

Northern Lights Pinball will be running a competition during the evening session of Play Expo Blackpool on Saturday the 23rd October 2021.

The competition will be in a ‘flip frenzy’ format, which is a fast-flowing competition that keeps all players active during the qualifying session The aim is to win as many head-to-head games as possible during the time available. Full details are available below, but will be explained in person prior to the competition starting. Don’t worry if things don’t immediately make sense, it’s a really simple and friendly format which will be explained on the day!

Entry: minimum of £5 per player, which will be donated to Northern Lights Pinball’s chosen charity. A ticket to the evening session (priced separately at £10) will also be required. Both evening session wristbands and competition entries can be purchased during the day session on Saturday 23rd October by visiting the Northern Lights Pinball desk.

The qualifying session will run for 2 hours, with a 30 minute break for pizza and snacks around the mid-point of the qualifying session (timing dependent on pizza delivery!). After qualifying ends the top 4 players will compete against each other across 3 games. The competition should be complete by 11pm or earlier.

This competition will be registered with the IFPA for world rankings points.

[tabby title=”Rules”]

7pm to midnight – Evening session begins

The evening session opens and everyone who bought an evening session wristband will be permitted back into the venue from 7pm onwards.

7:15pm onwards – Qualifying session 1: All registered players

As the competition starts, players will be randomly allocated either as Player 1, Player 2 or ‘Queue’.
Player 1 then plays Player 2 on a randomly allocated machine from the competition bank.
After the match, each player records the result (win/loss) on their score card.
Player 2 then returns to the back of the queue. Player 1 stays at the machine, but becomes Player 2 on the next game. The player at the front of the queue joins this game as Player 1.
Play continues in this format for approximately 1 hour, where we will take a short pizza break.

Approx 8:45pm to 9:45pm – Qualifying session 2: All registered players

After a short lunch break, the available machines may be changed in an effort to keep the competition as fair as possible. Qualifying then continues in the same format as the first session, until 2 hours in total of qualifying have been played.

Approx 10pm – Finals: Top 4 players

Qualifying ends after 2 hours in total, and the top four players (based on net wins) will play in finals. Total wins will be used to split any ties.
The final round consists of 3 four player games, each scored as 4 points to winner, 2 to second place, 1 to third place and zero to last place.
For the first game of finals, to determine the game and player position, the top qualifying player has the choice of which game to play (within the competition bank), or whether to play as player 1,2,3 or 4. Then second highest qualifying player makes a choice (game or position) based on remaining options. Then third and fourth place qualifier in turn make their choice based on remaining options.
For the second and third game, the sequence above is repeated, but reversed. So the loser of the previous game has first choice of picking game or position, then third place finisher picks from remaining choices, and so on.